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Golden Temple Countdown Box with Guru Charms

Open 13 windows of the Golden Temple and discover the wisdom of the 10 masters.

Inside each window you will find an engraved artisan Guru Charm. In the first window lies a customizable elastic stretch bracelet with your first charm on which you can add all other charms.

Each Vera Ji Countdown Calendar has a secret chamber. Please don't miss it.

Golden Temple Countdown Box



You can adjust and cut the bracelet to your preferred length. As it is elastic, you will have no problem to open and close it in order to add charms to it. The bracelets in the Golden Temple Countdowns are orange.
For good luck, open only one window a day and try to answer the question that is written on the back of the window.
Share and exchange the charms with your family and friends.
On the 13th day, after you opened all windows and the secret chamber, your bracelet is complete.

​ Note from the Designer:

'Amritsar is a magical place.

Inspired by the beauty of the Harmandir Sahib and the Sikh spiritual philosophy, I dedicate this Vera Ji Calendar and the Guru Charms to the 10 Sikh Masters, their wisdom, humility & strength. Please enjoy the questions and the stories inside, day by day, charm by charm.’