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About Vera Ji and the Countdown Boxes...


I am Vera!

Welcome to my online shop!

My name is Vera and I was born in Germany.

The greatest achievement in life is to be able to enjoy what you are doing and to give it back to society at the same time, right?

This is what I am doing with my Indian Advent Calendars and Countdown Surprise Boxes and this is how I had the idea:

I studied architecture and art history in Italy. When I lived in Florence, my friend gave me a Christmas countdown calendar:  A box with little windows that you open day by day. When my Indian friends saw it, they liked the idea a lot and immediately sent some boxes home to their families in India. 

Some years later, while in Delhi, I created a Diwali Countdown for my Indian friends. But this time we designed the entire box and added meaningful content and jewelry. We knew that we were on a good way to create something unique:  A fun way to spread the message of the Indian epic, the Ramayan.

Then I started to apply the same joyful method of storytelling to other spiritual beliefs and their cultural events so that both children and adults around the world will enjoy these special occasions in a memorable and exciting way.

 A great way to count down to Diwali, Baisakhi, Hanukkah, Gurpurab and, of course, the Chinese New Year and to learn about it at the same time.

Each day, one section (window) is opened. Behind every window there lies a question.

The questions lead to a story about the festival you count down to.

And behind every window lies a symbolic bead.

After every window has opened the beads add up to a complete bracelet.

My Vera Ji Countdowns endeavor to foster social harmony and religious tolerance. I hope you enjoy them, too! 

With the purchase of a VeraJi Countdown, you support Kabliji Hospital where needy cataract patients have had their sight restored over the last 35 years. Kabliji Hospital is located in a rural area 50 Kms from New Delhi, India.

Our earnings are donated to the Trust that runs the Kabliji Hospital.

For more information please go to Vera Ji Philanthropy or visit directly.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to provide some design ideas. Asia's cultures are so rich and I am happy to learn more about them.

Have fun!