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With the purchase of a VeraJi Countdown you become a supporter.


 With the purchase of a VeraJi Countdown you support Kabliji Hospital where needy cataract patients have had their sight restored over the last 35 years.

Eye care has changed the life experience of many. Kabliji ophthalmologists offer cataract patients intra-ocular lens surgery regardless of the patient's ability to pay. 

 Kabliji Hospital is located in a rural area 50 Kms from New Delhi, India.

Our earnings are donated to the Trust that runs the Kabliji Hospital.

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If the determination is strong enough...

Patwant Singh

“To prove that private initiative can help in filling the unconscionable gap between the facilities that are accessible to the twenty per cent of our urban people, yet denied to the other eighty in rural India.”

Patwant Singh, Founder of Kabliji Hospital








Kabliji Hospital

Shadow to light

Women Empowerment


Health care in the rural area of Delhi.

 500.000 Patients in over 35 years:

Restoring sight, dignity and independence  Our health workers travel to the villages to screen people who have lost their sight. The patients are brought to the hospital in our hospital transport. At the hospital each patient is assessed by the senior ophthalmologist and after a full health check is prepared for surgery. Besides free medication the surgery includes providing a new lens (IOL) which will help the patient see again.  Following the operation the patient may stay in hospital overnight to be monitored by the health staff. The patients are provided with a nutritious meal, and once they are cleared for discharge they are returned safely home again in the hospital transport. After 4-6 weeks they return to the hospital for a review by the senior specialist.  A donation of any amount can be made in the full knowledge that each patient is treated with the kindness and dignity he or she deserves. There are various ways in which you can make a donation, details of which appear below.

The Kabliji Hospital and Rural Health Centre was founded on the principal that people living on low incomes in rural areas have the right to affordable, high quality healthcare, close to their homes and equal to that available in the cities.


As a result of the hospital's presence, the health status of the village communities, over four generations, has improved markedly.

Women who once had poor health and no ante-natal care, had high morbidity and suffered high child mortality. Regular ante-natal screening at Kabliji has enabled successive generations to remain healthy during pregnancy and produce healthy children. Increasing survival rates have meant families have fewer children. These children are in better health and are being educated.

The general medical clinic provides patients with the advice and treatment they need to reduce communicable and non-communicable diseases. Every effort is made to diagnose these conditions early, provide dietary and lifestyle information in the first instance, and treat the conditions when necessary to prevent long-term morbidity.


Eye care has also changed the life experience of many. Kabliji ophthalmologists offer cataract operations and intra-ocular lens implants regardless of the patient's ability to pay. The number of people who were previously blind or partially sighted but can now see is seen by us as a success but the real impact of this return to sight is felt by the patients' family and friends and by their employers. If people can return to work they can support their families. If the elderly can see they are no longer dependent on their family for care, freeing all members to contribute much needed income.


The Trustees of Kabliji Hospital are realistic. We know we cannot solve the problem of the poor in India. We are certain however that we can improve the lives of the people in Ghamroj and the surrounding villages by enabling them to take charge of their own health. Immunisation, health and dietary advice has created a better informed and healthier population.


Over thirty-five years our medical staff have seen over 500,000 patients at the hospital and in the villages surrounding the hospital at Village Ghamroj on the Gurgoan-Sohna Road in Haryana.


If you would like to make a donation to Kabliji Hospital, please follow this link: